Scaling Organically

Scaling a business is tough. Scaling isn’t just growing. There’s more to it than that. Scaling is growth with CAPS. Control, Alignment, Predictability and Safety.

To achieve this you need know-how. We offer that know-how. You can hire TPP to make stuff happen. We’ll be in your business every week directing actions, doing stuff and transferring know-how. Our team will fill the missing role that will transform the trajectory of your business. Your investment will be a fraction of a fully loaded C-Suite executive and the ROI will be compelling. These are intensive relationships working on the operational playbooks that fulfill the potential of businesses. It’s a unique partnership between owners and senior talent that ensures the right stuff gets done. These are all-in roles. These are not consultancy roles. Our partners are experienced operators who own problems. Our role includes grooming a successor from inside or finding an external candidate. By that time the role can be safely filled by a permanent candidate. Our work creates a legacy of great process maps and playbooks to allow the business to scale, allow talent to develop and to create a remarkable business.

Likely clients include:


  • Owners who want to spend more time on strategic matters to enhance shareholder value
  • Owners who are running their business but can’t get the job done through lack of bandwidth and would benefit from an executive to drive actions.
  • Owners who want to sell their business in 9 months to 3 years and need to work on the right stuff to groom the business for that sale.
  • A management team missing a strong finance chief who can create the right metrics culture, a curious mind who can find answers to why things are happening and fix them.
  • A management team needing a seasoned chief marketing officer who gets the new connected economy. A CMO who understands positioning, story telling and the need to be remarkable not invisible.
  • A management team that is stretched because of a new acquisition, a new business opportunity, a new business model, a new service offering.
  • A business producing EBITDA of $2m or above.

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